Patricia Cook New Hampshire State Hospital Review


She is a deranged animal. She has egg beaters served rather than real eggs and actually believes this to be healthy. She is fat. It is very hard to believe how she became a dietician. She has no common sense regarding what is healthy and what is not. Almost every single patient complains that they are hungry at New Hampshire Hospital. She wants patients sick. She has starved patients down to 500 calories a day and calls them fat. Patty Cook, I’m very sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you’ve spent a bunch of money and time getting a degree that only qualifies you to reguritate grade-A USDA b*******. Did you think you were doing science? Ouch. Soda and fast food cause obesity, not an extra sandwich, or extra mashed potatoes. The dietary workers at NH State Psychiatric Hospital are sick. The dietary department puts as little as they can legally get away with on patients meal trays.God forbid allowing the patient NOT to be hungry. How many people are complaining about the school lunches? And you implement these diets on psychiatric patients, who have no other means of getting extra food, other than if they are allowed priviledges to go to the cafeteria, and thats even if they have money to purchase food. This is abuse. Patients are going hungry because of these harmful standards. Concord Hospital doesn’t even starve patients and they have to go by standards for dietary. This hospital only gives patients enough food to physically not starve to death. These diets destroy metabolism, as well as the human spirit. It is disturbing to me that over the years, according to different mental health staff and nurses, there have been complaint filed with the hospital about the inadequate food. Patients are refused double portions even when they are hungry. Men are served more food than women, which is sexist and discriminatory. Patients cannot get real food in between meals. Only fruit or at some scheduled snack time–pretzils/yogurt/crackers oh and more fruit, sometimes in an elegant processed form out of a can, like diced pinapple, tangy manderins. Oh my, he he. Some people like fruit, others cannot handle eating 6 peices of fruit a day. This is murder for diabetics and people wth ulcers and other stomach problems. Eating healthy means not going to McDonald’s, or other fast food restaurants. It means not eating junk food, like doritoes and candy everyday. Stop starving the patients .

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