Patricia Colon Calderon – Rohnert Park, California California


PATRICIA IS THE MOST PATHETIC, DESPERATE, CREEPY, LOSER, WHO HAS NO SELF RESPECT for herself or anybody for that matter, I don’t understand how woman and men can get off on ruining someones life by constantly begging for a taken man. Or should I say stocking and hounding them desperately. The first time I really saw proof that the affair was going on was on thanksgiving of 2012, when this whore decided to send me all the picures she had taken with her and my man. We were out of town at some friends for thanksgiving and he wasn’t answering her texts, so as crazy as she is she decided to send me 6 or 7 pictures of the two of them pretty much getting down at his work in a motel room in my truck and one of them at her house. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so weak and sicm and just completely betrayed in my whole life. I could have just melted into the ground right then and there. His response was to try to snatch The phone and yell at me to delete them and then proceed to say they were old from when they were together a long time ago. I knew it was all bullshit, because she had already been telling me they were seeing each other but o had no proof, hes said she’s crazy and a liar and i didnt know what to believe until those pictures. It doesn’t stop after this though maybe for a week or so, but he promised me over and over and over agian each time I caught her text messages to him that he wasn’t talking to her. || She never stopped we changed her number 5 times and someone always gave her the new number or she would trick someone to let them use there phone and get his number out of it. Very sneaky. She would call me and tell me he loves her and that he only staya with me because of our son and that I am a ugly loser and just harass me and harass me, i would respond with what kind of woman knowingly and willingly ruins a family and intentionally tries to take a father from his son. I know he had part in it to bur I know she is the most desperate loser I’ve ever seen in the world. Wow her text message were so lame. Please please please just call me I can’t take it anymore im so lost, i haven’t eaten in 4 days. I love you so much please just come over I’ll make it better. Just so pathetic. I wish I could explain everything that went on and all the things I’ve gone through with this lunatic but I can’t. It is finally over and there is so much damage and pain still on the SURFACE, im not sure if it will ever be repaired between us, trust is huge and cheating on someone kills the relationship, I wish it never happened because I imagined my fairy tale love to be so much different. This man was the love of My life my expierencea were endless with him, and it was taken from me by his stalker ex girlfriend who is just a sorry excuse for a woman. Sad! Thanks for letting me share a little about this whore and watch out for patricia calderon (colon) she is a dirty bitch, sick twisted desperate whore. Not to mention she is older than dirt, she is even balding. Look at the picture of her and me side by side and tell me she has any chance in hell of taking my man from me. She should have just quit trying to get to him and saved us all the headache and hurt. I hate u sick bitch!

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By Ronald

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