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I provided a shipping service through my freight brokerage company for patric rothnie in alta loma, california who uses the e-mail address of [email protected] He i moved 5 shipments in total for this customer. He wasn’t a shady dealer at first- crated up his freight, provided somewhat accurate weights and dimensions. His card would process successfully. I allowed him a few days to pay for his shipment once, and it took him about a week and a half, but he paid for his shipment. Provided that pretense, i should have never allowed him to have the bill of lading prior to pre-payment for the next one. Shame on me for believing that he would act with integrity. | The end result was that i allowed patric to have the bill of lading, and he just didn’t ever return to compensate us for shipping services. He ran the game of “i’m going to the bank tomorrow.” in regards to sending us an ach payment instead of paying with a credit/debit card. This outstanding shipment required much special attention because the trucking company incorrectly weighed his shipment. Pat had underestimated the shipment by 300-some pounds Not really a big deal… It happens), but he did not move a muscle to help us dispute and resolve the actual weight with the carrier. | His end customer was the only one who sent me in-depth details and photos of the auto suspensions that were shipped. Needless to say, i spent a number of hours preparing documentation to send to the carrier to resolve the weight dispute. To what avail? Well, i could have been forced to forfeit even more funds out of my own check if i had not have at least resolved the weight issue which is how shipments are priced in less-than-truckload Ltl) shipments. | From my recent digging and investigation on pat, i have quickly discovered that i am not alone in these struggles. His receiving customer for the outstanding shipment alleges that there are existing debts he has with pat, and i am inclined to believe him on that and his claim that pat has been stricken off of ebay. I found that patric rothnie had been selling his auto parts on, so many Or all) of these parts are for corvettes. I also discovered that he had been removed/quit as a vendor from that site, and there were quite a few outstanding orders there as well. | He won’t answer the phone or e-mails. He just stops by and writes one-line e-mails when he needs something. He doesn’t tell the truth when he does communicate. Pat also seems to get somewhat defensive in public conversations on the discussion boards at He just seems to use this excuse that he’s down on his luck and appears to hide behind his wife. | I can’t be too careless before i ever extend to someone a “gift” of credit for a few days. Some of these people just take that inch and go for a mile. Most other customers make good if they need for us to wait to charge their debit/cc. It’s usually never an issue, but not anymore! | Pat, you are already forgiven. I know how difficult it is for a man to just have a family and to just enjoy life today, but i’m not a rich guy at all, and i put in more than my share of effort to provide a reputable shipping service that you have not compensated me for. I also try my best to get the lowest rate that i have. I know i got heated at you in an e-mail, but if you will contact us, you will find that i will be understanding and that i will offer you the payment arrangements you need. I will not add any late fee to your shipment costs. This affects my own struggles, and i cannot sit idly by. I have to take action, and i may go as far as to file a police report, but i don’t want to do that. That would only make things worse. Nonetheless, you have trespassed upon my company and me.


  • Name: Patric Sean Rothnie
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Alta Loma
  • Address: 10089 Mignonette Street
  • Phone: (909) 346-5808
  • Website:

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