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On 01/24/18, I went to the Catonsville, Maryland Patient First. I have been to several Patient First locations over the years, so I expected no problems. Patient First has a new policy of charging your credit card while you are being seen by the doctor. They explained that this way is “better.” I was suspcioous of this new practice. For all I know, Patient First can clean out my credit card’s available balance. | On 07/14/18, I reiceved a PAST DUE notice invoice from Patient First via mail. The Statement date read 07/04/18, yet it was received in the mail on 07/14/18. In addition, the total amout due was to be received by Patient First by 07/19/18. Again, this is the first I had heard of any kind of billing issue, concerning Patient First. | I should also mention, that a fraudent charge appeard on the credit card (same card I used on 01/24/18 in Catonsville, Maryland) from Patient First in Virginia, for $25. I called my bank and told them to freeze my account. I filed a claim with my bank and was given a “good faith dispute repayment disagreement credit” (and a replacement card a few days later) on 07/24/18; no mention of the claim. | I called Paient First on 07/16/18. Alas, Patient First’s billing is not available on weekends. I spoke at length with a customer servcie representative who claimed that my payment had been taken off my credit card on 02/09/18. I have no record of that in my bank statements. Furthermore, on 05/04/18, allegedly, the P.F. rep said my money had been refunded to my credit card on 05/04/18. That makes absolutelty no sense! When I reqeusted proof or backup of those alleged transactions, going round and round on the phone with the P.F. rep, repeatedly asking, “What does your P.F. computer read about my account?” Ultimately, the rep just kept saying, “Clearly, you still owe us for the 01/24/18 date of service.” Yet, the rep was absolutely unable explain how that was so. Especially since, no money was taken from my account (except from the fraudulent charge in Virginia on 02/12/18). I inquired about the fraudelnt charge, and the rep had no record of it. I stressed to the P.F. rep that my bank repaid the money that was fradulently taken from the Virginia Patient First, and that nothing had been charged or repaid from Patient First. The P.F. rep insisted otherwise (without proof). | Finally, winded and beyond tired of talking in circles with this rep who was probably not even looking at a computer, as he could not answer the very simplest of questions related to the P.F. computers vs. my account. The rep had the nerve to say, “Will you be paying this with credit card?” Caught off-guard, I yelled, “NO!” My gracious was he not just on the phone with me for almost an hour about how my credit card was compromised in Virginnia because of Patient First. The rep continued, “I can take that payment via credit card, right now.” I took a deep breath thath the rep probably heard. I informed the rep that I would be writing a check. I have no intention of returing to Patient First. I am very disapointed by their unethical practices. | On more thing, the check I mailed to a Patient First P.O. Box in Baltimore, Maryland was received and cashed on 07/19/18. My brand new check looked like it had been dragged through the mud and then scanned. The back of the check reads something like “paid without prejudice to the name on the front of this check.” | Bad business. Very bad business.


  • Name: Patient First
  • Country: United States
  • State: Virginia
  • City: Glen Allen
  • Address: 5000 Cox Road
  • Phone: (804) 968-5700
  • Website:

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