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My boyfriend & I have been together for 10 years. It wasn’t the perfect relationship but it was good. Both our kids adored the other. It was just a good thing we had going. In 2013, my older son got hit & was in the hospital in serious condition. She used to work wit my son and so she supposedly was close to him. She would come visit occasionally at the hospital. When my son came home, she would come visit our home with her sister. We ended up moving May 2014 due to conditions being unhealthy for my boys. She came to visit more often. I allowed this whore into my home, stayed the nite, fed her ass, bought her shit and what not. || Now a little back story on her. She’s still technically married. She was with her husband Jul 2014 & he left her. She was trying to ruin another relationship with another couple but they didn’t allow it. Oct 2014, she got back with her husband. He left her again and she went back to trying to ruin previous relationship. Then my son and ex tried hooking her up with a neighbor. She’s flaky and shady. She also uses people to benefit herself. When she gets what she wants, she’ll move onto the next victim. || So back to my story. Feb of this year rolled around and for Valentine’s day, my ex got me a stuffed unicorn (I love unicorns), box of candy and a card where he wrote the sweetest things in them about us having a love that everyone wants but throws away, 10 years ago we were lost souls not knowing what we were looking for but found each other, etc. I bought him a car at tax time, paid 3 months insurance & paid for tags & title. I thought things were going good. A week following V-day, I noticed they were spending an awful lot of time together. Him and I never had alone time previous to this. I was working a lot, so I didn’t notice a lot til my hours slowed down a little. When I noticed, I said they were spending too much time together. Out of the blue, he tells me that he wants out of the relationship and that’s he’s wanted out for a while. Now they’ve pretty much been together since I put him out, living it up in the car I bought, living the life that should’ve been mine. || Well his ex took him back for child support and Karma is about to be knocking on his door because he won’t be able to spend money on her like he has. He has been spending beaucoup bucks on her but doesn’t help with taking care of his daughter. She’s a money hungry, 2 faced shady ass whore. She kept claiming she wanted to be friends to my face but scheming behind my back to get wit my boyfriend. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve never really hated someone in my life but I can’t honestly say that I hate her with every ounce of breathe in me.

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