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This parasite (as my atty called her) was working in a strip club as a cashier when my husband of 7yrs was with some friends celebrating one of their BDays. She came by the table and gave my husband her number. My husband said,”no thank you, I am married” to which she replied,”I don’t care”.My husband called her three weeks later and within 30minutes she had traveled 40miles to give him oral sex in her truck at his work in the parking lot.After 2 weeks of this, my husband had enough of her and his guilt. He tried to get rid of her but he would threaten to tell me everything ( husband had saved many post yellow notes she would leave at our back door or on the window of his car at work that said, if you don’t see me, I will tell your wife everything). My husband told me that he was terrified to lose me and our two children. I learned that she would call my husband’s office and when my husband did not want to see her anymore, she would try to hard to go to other guys in the office s homes to give them sex. To which the guys would tell her no, that if she was that horny, for her to squeeze her thighs real tight. She obviously was the joke of my husband’s office. || Later, I found from a couple of exes that she had the widest vagina they had ever seen and felt! (Same thing my husband said)Finally, he could not take it anymore and told her he was going to tell me everything. Within five minutes, she was on the phone telling me everything. Needless to say, my husband and I went to counseling for three years without ever missing a appointment and we are still married and, happier than ever!!She, on the other hand, has gotten pregnant two times by two different men, has been married and divorced three times, her children are total losers as she is.The slut is STILL thinking that somehow she will be with my husband that she has moved sixty miles to our city in which WE live.The fat, pathetic slut lives paycheck to paycheck, gets no child support for her promiscuous 14yr old daughter and calls old bf for booty calls,for which she gets turned down.All I have to say is, Karma is a bitch slut. And these are called consequences!!!In the meantime, my husband, our children and I are enjoying European trips, a very beautiful home and happiness all around. || Karma, IS a bitch Pat. But I guess you already know that:-)

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