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This woman was married to a very dear friend of my husband and I. She was a stay at home mom, with two children. Her husband (our dear friend) confided to me over the years, of problems in their marriage. He was not at all happy, the marriage was basically about the kids, his wife’s needs, and very little sex.Unfortunately, in 2002 our dear friend (her husband) was diagnosed with cancer. As his health began failing, he and she would visit our home occasionally. It was very sad to see him become so frail. During their visits I would always ask her in passing if she had thought about looking for a job, knowing his cancer to be terminal, I thought she should be thinking about it. She always said”Oh no, I can’t, I have the kids to worry about.” Her kids were now both teenagers.In the last few months of her husbands life, my husband did a lot of favors for them, such as following her down to a mechanic to get their car serviced, then driving her home. On that trip, my husband returned home and told me that she had been all dressed up, wearing alot of makeup and perfume, which was totally not her usual theme of no make up, jeans and tennis shoes. He also said that she had made him feel very uncomfortable, and seemed to be flirting with him. I told my husband that maybe she was just acting strange, because of her husbands declining health. I never once considered her a threat, to my marriage, as she was very boring, quite, plain, and basicly a librarian type.Our dear friend (her husband) was nearing his end in November of 2007, my husband visited him the day before he died.On the night he died, we received a phone call from her, she was crying, told us the hospital had called, and told her to come right away, she begged my husband to drive her there. He did. In hindsight, she has lots of family close by, such as her parents, who could have driven her there, as they ended up going to the hospital anyway.In the days following her husband’s death, we received several phone calls from other friends, regarding the plans for our friends memorial service. The widow had decided that my husband, should be the one to drive her and her daughter to the funeral, and reception afterward. I was able to attend the funeral, but had to return to work right afterward. So, my husband took her and her daughter alone, without me.In the days and months, after the funeral, again we kept receiving phone calls from various friends, who had been in contact with the widow, they would relay messages that she needed my husband to fix something in her house, cut her lawn, or deal with her son who was going through a hard time. The amount of needs she had was ridiculous. However, I tried to be the bigger person, she was a new widow, grieving, and alone. My husband told me that when he had gone to visit our dear friend, the day before he passed away, that he had asked my husband to please look out for his family for him. So my husband had some guilt, regarding our dying friends wish, and he felt he just couldn’t blow off his widow’s requests. My husband and I discussed this, and he agreed that, it was not good for him to do so much for her, because she needed to learn how to cope with life alone, so he said he would do less for her.Months passed. My husband stopped doing things for the widow. On the one year anniversary of our dear friends death, the widow called my husband upset, not wanting to be alone that night. So he invited her over to our home. She arrived, with several kinds of alcohol, intending to drink. We all sat and talked, and had a few drinks. I again asked her if she had been looking for work. Nope, she hadn’t. We discussed our dear friend allot, then the widow told me a strange thing, she told me that she had no idea that her husband’s cancer was terminal, that he had never told her. I thought that could not have been possible, because her husband was skin and bones, had been going through chemo therapy, etc. I called her on this, saying that she had to of known. Oh no, she said, she never knew. I had gone to the restroom. When I returned to the living room, the widow was gone. I asked my husband where is she? He told me that she was out front, that she was suddenly really drunk, and she wanted him to drive her home. He did, I did not go with him.A few weeks later, my husband told me that the widow had called him, and wanted him to go Christmas shopping with her. I said”What”? I told him that was ridiculous, and that he better not do that, he told me he didn’t want to go anyway.More months passed. Occasionally, the widow would call our house. One night, she called in tears at 2 a.m. because her dog was sick. The next day, the dog died, she called and my husband went over and helped her take the dead dog down to be cremated.On a couple of occasions she called my husband, because she was fighting with her son. We went to her home, both of us, her parents were always there. It was ridiculous, there was no reason for us to be in the middle of her family problems. We did nothing to solve anything while we were there.Then she would want us to attend school activities for her daughter, I didn’t want to go, I was sick of her needy, needy, family issues etc., but my husband always talked me into going.On occasion, she would meet us at social functions in our city. She was so boring, had a blah personality, and I just couldn’t have any fun when she was around, I am very outgoing, happy go lucky, fun etc. She was just a boring drag to be around. My husband kept asking me to put up with her, and be her friend. I finally told him, I don’t like her, she is a bore, I don’t care if she needs a friend, she is not my type, I am no longer going to hang out with her, I have nothing in common with her, so don’t ask me.Around this time, both my parents began having some severe health issues. I was extremely busy, with dealing with them.Then in the summer of 2009, my husband came home one day, sat down on the bed, and told me he had something to tell me. He then told me that he had been having an affair with”the widow”. He then told me that he had just ended it, that day.Of course I was devastated.My husband and I attended marriage counseling, for several months. We worked everything out, he has told me everything, I mean everything. Their affair, was basically all about”her”….it was mostly on the phone. No dates, he only visited her at her home, briefly after work. She had begun, flirting with him, while her husband was dying. Yeah, what a great person she is. She was throwing herself at him constantly. He kept telling her, he was happily married, but she didn’t care. She acted like I didn’t even exist, when he talked about it, and always changed the subject. He would blow her off, and not talk to her, for a few weeks, then she would began calling, and calling, and calling him.Then throw herself at him. He admits this was his fault, but he says he had no reason to have an affair, she just wore him down, by being persistent, and he gave in to her.This woman (the widow), is very shy, and quiet. She is also very private. She portrays herself to others, as sweet and kind. She is a plain Jane, with teeth like”Mr Ed” (see her pic and you will agree). What she really is, is a manipulative, conniving, desperate, lazy bitch. She wants everyone to feel sorry for her, and do things for her, so she doesn’t have to. I believe she planned this whole affair with my husband, as a plan to be taken care of after her husband died, so she wouldn’t have to work.This is the best part! Their affair lasted for about 6 months. You would think that if you have an affair, that there was allot of hot and heavy sex, right???? If I had been the one to have an affair, that’s what it would have been like, or what’s the point, right ? Well, not with this school marm. She was 49 years old, when this happens. There affair comprised of, an occasional hand job. That’s right. The high school hand job….she thought this was good enough for a 50 year old man. Apparently, this is how she satisfied her husband for years, poor guy. She told my husband, that she only married our dear friend, because he was a good provider, and that she was never sexually attracted to him. Well thats about right, and her own husband told me this years ago.Anyway, the end of their affair came when, they were fooling around, on the bed, and he thought well this is it, its time for something better than a hand job, its been six months. They had sex for about a minute or so, and then she became hysterical, and freaked out, and made him stop.All that chasing she did, all that batting of her eyelashes, and playing coy, yet flirty. And all you can do is screw for about a minute or so. What a hottie!About a week later, my husband said he just didn’t know what to think of all this. She had been chasing him, wanted him constantly to come over, he would avoid it as much as he could, because he said he knew it was meaningless, and thought she might be manipulating him. But then, they have sex for a minute and she freaks out. He said, it was just too weird, and he wanted to end it. Then she called him, and told him that she was a little worried because in her words”She was late”! He really could not believe that she had told him this. She was 49, they had sex for about a minute, he did not ejaculate, and she is telling him a week later that she might be pregnant. He asked her to do a favor for him, and give him a ride home, after dropping our car off to be repaired.On the way to drop off his car, he went to a pharmacy and bought a pregnancy test. She arrived and picked him up from the repair shop. He was furious with her. He said he found it hard to believe that she was pregnant, and handed her the pregnancy test. She became furious and threw the pregnancy test in the back seat of the car.Thats how it ended. He told her that he was tired of being manipulated, and he didn’t want to be involved with her problems and issues anymore, because he just couldn’t take it, she had some huge issues, and that they were through. He then got out of the car, and told her that he was going home to tell me what he had done. She began begging him not to tell me, he slammed the car door shut and walked home.That evening after he told me, I had him call her, put her on speaker phone, and ask her if she had taken the pregnancy test. She stated that, she hadn’t had time. Then he handed me the phone, and I cussed her out, and told her that if by some miracle she WAS actually pregnant, that she should go get an abortion, but that no one believed her high school manipulation pregnancy theory any way.I am posting this because this woman deserves to be outed, for what she really is. In an email after their break up, that she sent my husband (which he showed me all of their emails) she tell him that”Your wife needs counseling” because of the disturbing phone call, we made to her on the day he told me about the affair.This is what I would like to tell the world, and her. You are a very odd, and manipulative person. You had no right, to inflict yourself into my marriage. You are selfish person who uses others, in order to manipulate situations to benefit only what you want and need. There is not a married woman alive who would not be devastated, when her husband confesses an affair. My reaction was absolutely normal.You on the other hand, react to the death of your husband, whom you had a empty marriage with, by chasing after his friend, a happily married man. You didn’t even wait till your husband was dead, to try to flirt with him. How could you be so shallow, while your husband was dying to do this. Your late husband, was a dear friend to me. He deserved far better that the selfish treatment you gave him in his final months. You didn’t even want to take him to Dr Appointments. You put out the word you needed someone else to take him, because I guess you were too busy, caring for your teenage children, and not having a job to be able to help take your dying husband to the Doctor.You were not successful, in your selfish endeavor to steal my husband, who you wanted to I guess, support you so you wouldn’t have to work. You should have known that you can’t steal someone who does not want to be stolen. Especially when you have some sort of sexual hang up. My husband knows what real love feels like, we had, and still have a good marriage, even though you had other plans for us.Hope you worry that all your friends, family, and if you ever get a job, co-workers might read this. Oh my that would be quite embarrassing. The best part is, every word I said was true.How does the truth feel? It feels like karma to me. >

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