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Complaint: Drenda Keesee along with her husband Gary Keesee are pastors and typical prosperity gospel scam artists at Faith Life Church located in Ohio. They con people with the usual tactics of claiming to have hidden information you don’t and if you want to find out about it or get access to “The Kingdom”” as they call it you need to follow her and it will be revealed to you. What that really means is give her money and buy her books. She has a million books she will sell you on everything from how to get rich

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Address: how to raise your kids

Website: and depraved scam artist. Please get the word out and do not listen to this woman. A life could depend on it!”

Phone: and how to manage your emotions. She’s living the perfect Godly life and once you buy her crap you can live it too blah blah blah. It’s just delusional gibberish and none of it really works. Her books are laughable scrap paper since she doesn’t actually live up to any of it her ownself but that is not specifically what I would like to report here. What I would like to report is how she gives serious advice on childbirth and she refers to this as “”supernatural childbirth””. There is no such thing! Drenda warns against listening to real doctors and makes them out to be the boogeyman. She refers to their advice as “”medical myths””. Can you believe that? This woman wants you to ignore the advisement of trained professionals who are somehow evil and instead take her word for it because she is an all knowing “”woman of God”” and your child will be born “”supernatural””. Give me a break!! This is a whole other level of trying to scam people. She probably got desperate and came up with this when none of her other crap was sticking to the wall.These are some of her books you need to look out for Better Than You Feel BookBetter Than You Think BookShe Gets It BookThe New Vintage Family BookThe Happy Life: Notes From God BookThe Know How Book On Birth BookShe also posts a ton of videos on Facebook and YouTube and removes all the comments calling out the BS. You will find it odd that all of her videos have 0 comments and a ton of dislikes.Drenda may have had kids herself but that sure as hell does not make her a trained doctor. Having kids is not a skill. It’s usually an accident as hers were. She does not have a degree in anything medical related. She has never went to medical school or even swept the floor of a hospital. She is not a nurse or anything! She is simply making up crazy nonsense to manipulate gullible people to give her money. Drenda isn’t just some lunatic though. She is very calculating and knows exactly what she is doing to brainwash those of her church. If someone can foolishly believe they had a better pregnancy due to Drenda then there you go she has now made a new donator for life. It’s all about warping the minds of her followers and milking them for money. Her church members or perhaps “”cult”” members are willing to believe Drenda because she hides under the mask of Jesus and claims to be a Christian saint with the perfect family. Again that is far from true! Don’t even get me started on her nasty kids!! She thankfully does not have many followers but the ones she has are so warped and believe whatever she says to be the gospel without questioning it. Take off your blinders for a second because all anyone has to do is a simple search and see that Drenda has no formal training or even a stable family. Shouldn’t it be illegal to give medical advice when you do not have a degree? She is a danger to the public and she needs to be stopped before someone or their unborn child is seriously hurt by something crazy she instructs. It is sickening to think that someone may be having a serious issue in their pregnancy and instead decides to just pray about it or consult Drenda instead of going to a hospital and seeing a real doctor because that may interrupt their “”supernatural pregnancy””. Drenda doesn’t care what damage she causes as long as she can profit from it. She is a sociopath

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