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My husband and I attended a travel presentation given by RCI, a time share association. As a prize for attending, we were given the documents to claim two airline tickets anywhere in the USA. First of all, these tickets were not free; we were charged $50 per ticket for processing. Secondly, I sent in the required information and a personal check for the $100 within a week from receiving the packet. Two and one-half months later, my check and request were mailed back to me. It was rejected because I did not include a money order. nThere was a one-month time limit to mail the information in. By the time I received the rejection, it was one and one-halt months after the deadline. I called the center to see if it were possible to resubmit my order, as, initially, I had been well within the time limit. I was told to resend the the request with my money order, which I did immediately. It is now three weeks later, and my request and money order have been returned to me. I called and emailed Passport to Travel, and spoke with an agent. After not receiving any assistance, I asked to speak to a supervisor, and was transferred to a voice mail. nThis is an example of trickery and degenerative business practices. Anyone who used them, BEWARE! You will be ripped off.n!

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