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I went to Partners In Recovery, I have SMI status that has been verified by several Doctors mostly in Florida, I am currently not receiving any treatment due to the dismissive arrogance of those employed by PIR. My conditions are; Aspergers, Fragile X, and Discalculia and all of the symptoms that go with these conditions. I am by no means a stupid or ignorant person in regards to my needs as a person with these complex issues but I was met with suspicion, derision and outright ridicule by the Case Managers and Doctors employed by Partners In Recovery, mostly by one poarticular Psychiatrist by the name of Larry Wade. Dr Wade was more interested in having his miserable 1% ego fortified by treating me with arrogance and derision, which meant that the medications that have been proven to help me were not prescribed because naturally the Doctor knew everything about me after meeting with me one time. I am a 53 year old man who needs help but I cannot receive the help I need since Partners In Recovery has this business all locked up, patients have no choice but to accept the shabby treatment of PIR. The Case Managwers were irresponsible as well, they would make appoinjtments with me knowing that they would not be available and they refused to accept my social anxiety and my need to isolate myself from new situations. If you or a loved one feels the need to stroke the ego of some miserable rich fat cats then by all means go to PIR, otherwise you are screwed and left to your own devices.


  • Name: Partners In Recovery
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Phoenix
  • Address: 10240 N 31st Ave
  • Phone: 602-997-9006
  • Website:

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