Parrotta’s Auto Repair & Sales Review


If you’re dumb enough to take your car here, don’t fall for Bruno’s big mouth “Hi, how are ya?” howdy doody crap. Its all a façade. I took my car there recently and for the first time left it there. They drove me home. After about an hour at home, Bruno calls me and tells me that he found a leak that was “real bad.” Like a dummy I fell for it and told him to fix it. About another half hour later Bruno calls me again. He found all these other things “wrong” with the car – about $800 worth of repairs – things that just don’t go wrong that quick. | Suspicious, I told him no. Then I went to check my driveway to see if there were any spots – sure sign of a leak that Bruno “found” – but no spots. I realized that I had been taken by this guy to fix a fluid leak and almost got taken for a lot more. | As for all the other things that were “wrong” with my car, I still haven’t fixed them and the car runs fine.


  • Name: Parrotta’s Auto Repair & Sales
  • Country: United States
  • State: Massachusetts
  • City: Agawam
  • Address: 357 Main St
  • Phone: 413-786-0959
  • Website:

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