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Left my car from 12/24/18 – 01/02/19. I reserved spot online 2 weeks before and pre-paid for it. When arrived, I realized that the parking is very small so they park cars like sardines by vallet. Even before I got out of the car, attendant opens back of my van allowing bags to fall right on the ground. | The worst part happen after coming back. We picked up our van, which is by the way not even year old, put our bags and car seats and drive away. On the way home, 1 hour drive, I noticed whistling noise. Upon arriving home I checked car all around all I could find is slight bend on side panel under driver door, but that didn’t appear to rattle or move enough to make noise. | One week after, I couldn’t find what is making noise so I took it to Honda Dealership and after lifting the car, they noticed that bend engine shield. Once they removed it noise went away. I believe this damages happened at parking location as I would have noticed noise on the way on Dec 24. | Call Park N Go and they gave me email address of Managers (John Featherstone/Steven Loos). I emailed all the details but never heard back, even after trying to get confirmation that he received my email. | Update: Steven Loos never responded, John Featherstone never replied until I got hold of him over the phone after several calls. Further, dialogue with John was more of one way conversation with me sending email and asking for response but not getting one until I got hold of him on the phone again. He stated that they suppose have some kind of mechanic who is knowledge enough on all car makes and models and able to calculate speed, impact force and how trained their valet drivers to determine that this damaged wasn’t done by them. | Of course, the above said is lies. Their position is “if we don’t respond long enough, problem will go away”. I would like to see one review that states they paid for the damages. Their BBB complaints are never responded too. They have dozens of registrations, most of the in dissolution state with Divisions of Corporation. | THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD. And no they aren’t open since 1977, at least Orlando location. Google Satellite images still show vacant lot as of 1/30/2019.


  • Name: Park ‘N Go Orlando
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Orlando
  • Address: 6100 S Semoran Blvd
  • Phone: 1 407-777-7700
  • Website:

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