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I receive a letter inviting me to an event to receive a free cruise and free air fare for two. So i took the bait and went- thinking that ill just get the free gift vacation and leave. We watch a video about their business and their products on membership to resorts around the world at discounted price. Then they took each one of us and try to convince us to buy. I didn’t buy but they kept lowering the price till it was too good to be true. So I bite and I bought a package for 2 weeks a year at $2000 for lifetime. When i receive the package like they promised I logged on and try to book but the site said my account was limited and I can not access the premium locations. Next day I called them and left a message because no one ever answers the phone there. A few days later, I receive a call back from the manager “Pete”” and he said he would fix everything and even upgrade my membership. My membership is still the same. I called my credit card company and filed a complaint and won the dispute and got all my money back. I think the company is close now. Becareful about these deals! As for the free vacation cruise and airfare. I applied for those too but it turn out to be another trick with lots of hoops you have to jump and not much of any discounts. But they will refund you your deposit if you dont want it. My opinion: Dont waste your time. Nothing is free. You are better off looking for bargains online or through a reputable business such as I hope this help some of you out there.”

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