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Complaint: Today at about 1130 am we ordered pizza from Papa Johns. We told the lady that answered the phone that we would be picking it up. We were told to give them about 20-25 minutes. My wife went down to pick up the pizzas, and they didn’t even have them started. She waited approximately an hour at the store before she was given the pizza. She then asked to talk to the manager about this, and the manager abruptly told her, they did the best they could. She then asked for the address of the place she could complain about this service. At this point, the manager called her a b***h and walked out, refusing to give her any information. After my wife got home and told me about the situation, I called the local store and asked to speak to the manager. The manager was “unavailable””. I then asked for the owners number

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Address: the girl refused to give me anything. When I explained the situation to her

Website: they were just overwhelmed. I then asked why he called my wife a b***h? The reply I received was that “”she is a liar””. After a brief discussion (kind of heated on both sides) he asked me what he could do to remedy this. I told him I didn’t want any pizzas/money etc

Phone: she knew why I was calling and said she couldn’t give out any information. I again asked for the manager and she hung up on me. Later

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