Pantall Hotel Leesburg Virginia Review


I made a reservation with the Pantall Hotel online nearly one year ago, and I received an email containing confirmation number 2900690. Today I received a call from Sheryl at the hotel stating that I should have received an email 11 months ago from them stating that webervations orders made for the dates I selected were not valid. I never received any such email. I’d like to know if that’s the case, where is that vital piece of information located on their site? And why would someone call me if, according to them, I was notified all those months ago via email that the reservation was canceled? nI will tell you why: because they knew that I would be showing up if they didn’t call. Because it is clear they knew I had received no email and I have a valid reservation. Oh but they offered me a “sweet”” deal instead: I can pay twice as much to get a room at a different hotel thirty miles away. Needless to say

I said “”NO DEAL”” to that little gem of a bargain. I can’t believe a hotel can get away with that. nIf someone can call me after all this time

keeping my information all this time

after allegedly already having notified me of a cancelation via email

wouldn’t you think someone could have called me back then when there was a chance I could have done something about it? This is unbelievable

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By Ronald

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