Pamela Deleon – Affairs with married men Arizona


Pamela Deleon has affairs with married men, she worked at Safeway as an Assistant Manager and had an affair with my husband of 32 years who also worked at Safeway as a night lead. I have known Pam for several years and she, of course knew we were married. I have always been nice to her, even helping her with cribs and baby clothes for her grandchildren. Apparently, this is not her first time having an affair with a married man, as she had the nerve to tell me “yes, I had an affair with another man, but it was ok cause we got married ” How is that “ok” (they are now divorced) . Well Pam got what she deserved, was fired from a place she worked 30 years for having an affair with a subordinate, Not to mention my husband told her he wanted nothing to do with her anymore and was not going to raise her kids. Beware, she stalked my husband at the gym, calls him at work and drove to our home to leave a shirt with F##k you printed on it. Pam is very persistent and won’t stop until she gets what she wants with no regard of anyone but herself. Pam also has her high school Daughter ZOE prank call me and text me (R we back in HS) SMH. Working on my marriage (married at 18) have lots of history with this man and I do love him, easy to forgive but extremely hard to forget.

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By Ronald

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