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So I’ve been with my husband for 14 years, married for almost 12. We have 3 beautiful children together. My husband started working at a local restaurant and one of the older servers couldn’t get enough of him. She is 40 years his senior. Mind you my husband is 32! At first it was just a couple of flirty texts or facebook messages I would catch between them but then my husband started”working late”, or”would go have drinks with the guys from work” until I became so obsessed with the thought of him cheating he left me. He never admitted anything to me, always said they were friendly and that would be weird. But then other coworkers would tell me things and he would deny. So I knew deep down he did something but never had proof. He stayed with his brother while he was gone. Always drinking and partying. I never knew what he was doing but I suspected. And then he came back to me. He quit his job there. || Maybe another year goes by and I don’t notice or didn’t find any new damning evidence, as far as I know they don’t even talk, he starts working there again. Same old story. I find texts, calls, facebook messages, his excuse just friends, I’m being paranoid. And I would only find like 1 text that was definitely supposed to be in the middle of a conversation but he must have deleted the rest. Still no hard evidence. Fights and arguments over her, nonstop. He leaves again. Quits his job so I thought good. This time staying with a friend. This time when he would come visit the kids he would bring his phone, I could snag it and snoop. Really sketchy texts this time.”You make me feel so good””Your mouth makes me feel good” Now his excuse,”I don’t remember any of those messages, nothing ever happened” || So at this point I have her number and start texting her as well. We are still together, working things out (I’m pregnant with our youngest at this point), please leave him alone. I showed her proof. Texts between us. WE ARE TOGETHER! She never replies. 6 months go by, he moves back in before I have the baby. Months and months go by. He has no job, we are broke, he gets offered the same position again. We make a deal, because still at this point he denies, if I feel at any point insecure or the job/her comes between us he has to quit. He works there for a few months and I didn’t worry. He was always home on time. Nothing sketchy. || 2 months ago he got fired. 3 weeks ago he left me for her. I have begged and pleaded with this woman to just let us work through our stuff without her for once. I don’t want him back but I sure don’t want her to have him either. She pushed and pushed till we got this far. And my husband is a joke. He still denies! To this very day, even tho he said she was his gf last week but she broke up with him because of me, nothing ever happened. How can someone with so much life experience and a grown family of their own have no heart towards another woman and her family?

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