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Someone is hacking into my room, under one of my admins name . I have been told this by the person that is doing it . There name ID is tweety_1965 and has many ID”s . They been deleting all songs off media pal and they clear the ban list. This is why we need our room codes back due to this kind of situation . Because I own G rated room and tweety_1965 goes in on cam and shows herself on my admin nick, because she don”t like her. She is also hacking into my ID as well and my ID is SunshineGirl_726 and she is writing her trash to that admin saying I am going to sat her down and all. And telling her what kind of trash she is and all and it gets worse. They bounce my admin out of the room and won”t leave her alone. We need our room codes back on there really bad. Also tweety_1965 and her husband Candle Lighter are known hackers, and I know a few more . Please help! Thank You

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