Palm Beach Research Group – Palm Beach Rip Off

I signed up for Plam Beach Group for $5000 seeing it as an investment. It was less costly than a degree. When I received my first tutorial I had a hard time getting the video to play and it was only 5 minutes long. I was expecting more of hour-long sessions with valuable information. Additionally, the reading material was more like a newsletter.I inquired about a refund because it was not at all like what I was promised. All of their refunds were apparently processed by calling their customer service. When I called, I was blatantly told that they do not give refunds.The 6- day money back guarantee is a lie, apparently.After this conversation, they had the nerve to charge me for the membership fee, which I angrily canceled. I hope I do not have to deal with them anymore. If I get charge next month there will be a serious problem. | Such a greedy company!

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