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The exact thing happened to me as the another woman who wrote in about the Pajama Jean scam. The website asks if you want to order Pajama Jeans and if you say yes it duplicates your order. You don’t know this until after you put in your credit card information and then it is too late. there is NO opportunity to change your shopping cart or change your mind. You’re not even told what the shipping charges are until the order has gone through. My duplicate order even got duplicated. When I tried to call to cancel I was told for 2 weeks that I couldn’t cancel the order because it wasn’t “in the system” yet. By the time it was “in the system” they had shipped and I had a $100 charge on my credit card. That is, the status SAYS it shipped. That charge occurred on Feb 8 and today is the 18th and no sign of them. I live abut 50 miles from where they ship. This is clearly a scam. Beware

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