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Advantage Rental Car


Advantage Rental Car portland Or Unknowledgeable, thiefs and unprofesional Portland, Oregon!!. (This company did not tell me anything about what I was purchasing because when I reserved this car online my total was $127 so when I got to the store and was charged $450 without a real explanation and then no one to answer […] ..... Read the full review for Advantage Rental Car published at...


Refund of purchase price
My Complaint: I worked this program diligently. I never got a call from anyone to help me get set up. I then asked for a refund on the 30th day and I have not heard from anyone. I paid $97.00 and the rule was if you were not satisfied after 30 days they would refund your money. Well that is what I want my money back.
My Demand: full refund as stated in rules (Copycat website)


Mmlightinc scam
My Complaint: Mmlightinc sent me a check for being a secret shopper I thought I had a good job and now I found out its just a damn scam!!! So watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know now that its some sort of scam but I don’t understand how the scammer could even make any money off of it!!!!
My Demand: Idk yet

Atlanta Auction Access


Atlanta Auction Access 5500 frontage rd forest park ga 302975960 frontage rd forest park ga 30297 ATLANTA AUCTION ACCESS INC1774 IRIS DR. CONYERS GA 770-918-6883 SELLING CARS WITHOUT TITLES FOREST PARK Georgia!!. These guys are complete frauds! They have changed their name and location. Formally Atlanta Auction Access old location was 5960 Frontage Rd, Forest Park, GA 30297...

Christian William


Christian William Agent for Advance Cash America. Attempt at Debit collection from loan ? Which is payed off. Nationwide!!. Made contact by phone & e-mail about outstanding due loan finance which is over 2 years old & payed off. Made inquiries to Advance Cash America local office no loan on records or up for collection […] ..... Read the full review for Christian William...

Sinha Entertainment – A.D. Sinha


Invester scams event scams   My Complaint: A.D. Sinha scammed me out of $25,000. He told me he was going to open a business in Lancaster California with the money but he never opened the business and now he says the money is gone. He was a friend so I thought I could trust him. I told him I was going to report him if he didn’t pay me back my money its been 4 years no business an no...

Melanie Philips


I was looking for french bulldog puppies. Found on domestic sale website . One woman forwarded me Melanie Phillips email, she moved to Africa and was selling her puppies. Needed money sent via western union ASAP. Then would send me flight info about when the puppy would be shipped to me.. I demand Wanted to […]

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After I placed my order, I could not get anyone on the phone to talk to me.   My Complaint: I placed an order on August 5th for two pairs of shoes. On August 11th, I texted to see the status of my order. I was told that my order would be refunded due to a system error. After 2 days of waiting for my funds to go back into my account, I placed my order again on August 13th. I was assured via...


Fake company without address or phone number
My Complaint: Fake company, no returning phone calls, not receiving items for months waiting, no returning emails, no tracking number for the items. too many complains so far on line, no existing company, i lost my money for sure; stay away from them, they are scams, not real company.
My Demand: refund

Is Lizzie Decarlo a Scammer?


Preliminary Investigation A community member has initiated a collaboration campaign to investigate, research, interview, gather evidence, and compile a comprehensive dossier on Lizzie Decarlo. This webpage will, therefore, help in consolidating all information with which you can draw logical and valid inferences and conclusions. Who is Lizzie Decarlo? FYI, Lizzie Decarlo is associated with UBS...

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