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I will start by stating that i am a part-time employee at my grandparents company, and a full time student. I became involved in this agreement between your town cesspool and pacific capital finance after my grandparents felt they had fallen victim to a scam. This following record was documented by my grandmother, prior to me stepping in. | In mid-june of 2016, my grandparents responded to a fax recieved from pacific capital finance stating that our business was pre-qualified for a business loan. They called to follow through, and spoke to adrian rojo. They informed mr. Rojo that they had planned to use the principle amount of $75,000 to repair our cesspool truck, and possibly purchase a second. Adrian had asked that they provided him with an invoice for this, but because we were unable to move forward without the capital, we could not provide him with any invoices. | The following week, adrian rojo insisted it would be best to submit an application for working capital, rather than applying for a loan for a truck. On june 23rd, my grandparents were faxed a financial agreement for $75,000 in working capital at a 5% interest rate, as well as a list of requirements. After mailing their bank statements, adrian assured my grandparents that they would be approved. Mr. Rojo said that if they overnighted a certified check for $2,699.00 we would possibly see capital within a week or less. This check was for the last months payment of $1,900 dollars, as well as a $799.00 processing fee. | The week following that, they did not recieve any working capital. Instead, they were asked to send information on all our trucks for collateral. This included titles, pictures, and a used equipment condition report, all of which was sent out. Mr. Rojo then told them he would be sending someone here to look at the vehicles, which they agreed to. No one came. The next problem was that our company had unsatisfied liens from the new york state tax department from 1999. These were paid, and to move further they needed to get paid satifactions. After obtaining these, and sending them out to mr. Rojo, they had finally met all the requirements, but he was unable to give us $75,000. | They were informed the underwriting department would only approve our company for $30,000 dollars and at higher interest rate. When they tried to back out of this deal, and requested the refund for $2,699.00, he kept reffering to 2 paragraphs in the original agreement that evidently protects pacific capital finance. | About two weeks after this, i stepped in and asked that my grandparents, no longer answer the phone to mr. Rojo. All containing stories very similar to our own. I then emailed him, telling him that he will no longer be dealing with my grandparents, and now will only be dealing with me, and if we do not see the $2,699.00 i would proceed to bring this to the bbb of san diego. He immediately called me, in which i told him the same thing i told him in our email. Mr. Rojo proceded to talk to me for 45 minutes, in which he made insults on my experience and intelligence, as well as my grandparents competence. Adrian told me that it might be possible to get us $1,900 after a 3-week approval period. I replied in an email the next day that that was unacceptable, and how i planned to move forward with the bbb of san diego. I also asked that he no longer contact us through phone, and that i wanted any further communication to be done through email. Immediately following that email he called our office lines, aswell as my grandfather’s personal phones, in which we did not answer. | I was out of the office for a week, only to return to another email from adrian with “good news”. He met together with the asset/legal department, and we were approved to see a $2,300 dollar refund, along with a contract containing multiple non-disclosure agreements. Though we would have loved to take our $2,300 back and put this to rest, we were not signing any more agreements from pacific capital finance. | At this point, i will be looking for any online outlet i can to tell my story about adrian rojo and pacific capital finance. After submitting this report, i will be contacting the better business bureu of san diego. My grandparents are easy prey for people like mr. Rojo, who do not have knowledge of the various online scams that circulate. I believe the only reason he offered me any sort of refund is because i am capable of finding outlets, such as this one, and posting these stories. I believe mr. Rojo is very concerned with his online image, as he reminds me in many of his emails that any sort of postings will be met with a defamation lawsuit. I would gamble that he responds to this by the end of the week saying he plans to move forward with these, as well as make mention about how my ill 79 year old grandfather continued to make threats on his life. | I ask anyone unsure of pacific capital finance to look up the address listed on their website, which will bring you to a postalannex plus. I believe they rent a mailbox here, as a way to protect themselves. I have also spoken to various businesses within the culver plaza and no one has heard of pacific capital finance. I also ask anyone to look them up on the better business bureau, in which you will see 4 registered employees. I believe there is no way i have dealt with various departments throughout this entire agreement when there are so few employees. It doesn’t add to me. I also encourage anyone to reverse lookup the phone number listed on their site. | I plan to persue this to the fullest, and ask anyone else in the same boat reach out to us.


  • Name: Pacific Capital Finance
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Irvine
  • Address: 15333 Culver Dr #340-744
  • Phone: 949-424-6200
  • Website:

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