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This site looks legit. Uses the BBB logo. If you click on that logo, it does not direct you to the BBB review as a legit business would. They also have icons for Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn. When you click on those sites you doNOT see overstockonlinesales.com. According to the BBB. This scam uses variations of the word overstock, which is not the real overstock.com site that is legit. Their web site looks official as all get out. The prices are fabulous. You pay with a money card, which they promptly cash and you get nothing. A word of advice for all rip off report followers is to always click on the advertised BBB logo they show. If you are not directed to the BBB review of the business, you are on a scam site. ( learned this from the BBB site). This is good advice for all internet purchases displaying this logo. Also, a tip off is they only have contact through email! Please check rip off reports also. Hopefully this will make publication so if anyone does search on overstockonlinesales.com, this report will come up.

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