Overstock Furniture & Mattress Melbourne Florida Review


Even though it wasn’t posted prominently in the store, everything is as is, all sails final. They never told me and I have a witness. But, if they are claiming “as is””

by law they are supposed to send the exact item I looked at. Well

they didn’t so I started a charge back. They sent the sleaziest reply and got Capital One to send them $537.00 their way. There was not one shred of truth in their charge back dispute. They even stated I was completely satisfied and that I dropped the dispute. I had to laugh and be pissed at the same time. I am not going to drop this issue. I am ready to pay more than the table is worth just to get them to stop screwing people. It may not stop them but it will surely send a message. I am not giving up. When you deal with a business

you expect a reasonable amount of fairness. Well

this time I didn’t. They claimed I signed an “”as is”” agreement and to my surprise

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