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On May 15th 2010 I placed an order within www.overseasflowerdelivery.com for delivering the flowers to my friend in Norway. I paid using my debit card. Upon the completion of the payment, I received my order details on the email address I had provided. My card was charged instantly. The flowers delivery date was supposed to be June 8th, 2010, so I was pationately waiting for this date to come and call my friend to get to know if she liked the surprise. I did call her on June 9th, but she said that she had never received any flowers. I went back on the above mentioned website, clicked on “contact information””

and to my surprise didn’t find any phone number I could call

neither the address. The only available option was to fill in the online form and send my message to the customer service. I did this

and still didn’t get any response. After this

I decided to check in the Internet any info/customer reviews on this web company

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By Ronald

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