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I searched online for loan pre-approval to buy a used car. My application was accepted by Outten County Chrysler of Hamburg, Pa. Mr. Robert Dixon came to pick me up at my home on a very rainy day and left me drive the car back to the dealership. When we arrived, he said are you interested in the car, and I said yes, but, I’m concerned about the vibration coming from the front end. He said I’ll have the shop check it out while we start the paperwork. He said since the car has 108,000 miles on it, it no doubt needs a tune-up. I said ok. While I was filling out forms, he went to the workshop, came back and told me they were going to put a part on it but had to go pick up the part they didn’t have. We continued with paperwork and insurance. Then he took me to their waiting lounge where I sat for hours. Finally, he came to get me and said the cars ready. On the way to get in the car, he said if you have any more vibration issues, it should have a tune-up, just give us a call back and we can check it out for you.And I went home. Two weeks later, I decided to get back in touch with Mr. Dixon because, clearly, the vibration was still present to the point of windows rattling and steering wheel vibrating at idle and low speeds. He made an appointment for me to take the car into the shop on April 3, 2014. Which I did. I waited in the customer lounge for about 2 hours when the shop tech comes to me with a report saying the car needs engine/transmission mounts – NOT a tune-up as was explained to me by Mr. Dixon. The cost of the mounts repair? Over $350.00!!!! I went home and the next day, I did some research about engine mounts and then I contacted Mr. Dixon to see how this repair was going to be paid as I just purchased the car. He in turn had the finance manager call me to tell me, “”it is not policy for Outten to fix something that’s not broke. I informed him that I did research of worn out motor mounts and the vibration is a symptom not the problem. And, when and if these mounts pop, hoses could shred causing more problems as well as possible engine fire. Again, he recited company policy.bi got nowhere with him and it was clear that they were “”finished with the sale””. So today, April 23, I made my first $157.00 payment on $7,000.00 loan of a car that I have to be afraid of driving! Yesterday I couldn’t avoid hitting a small pothole and I thought the engine was going to fall out! Collecting Social Security Disability each month, there is no way I can, and should take care of this repair when the problem was a contention of me buying the car!!! .

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