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My daughter found this site, and initiated contact with “Dave” regarding 2 puppies- Sasha and Ramon – that were listed as available for adoption. Their initial price was $900 each, which was “negotiated” down to $650 each, with $400 for shipping. After agreeing to wire $800 until the puppies were received, “Dave” gave shipping details from yet another fraudulent company (Benzo Logistics), and sent shipping and tracking details, followed by a sob-story about his accounts being frozen, and asking if the balance could be wired early based on the details provided for the shipment. The next morning, I received a 7 AM call from Benzo Logistics advising that the puppies were on hold pending additional immunizations to the tune of $600, and a special electronic crate, ranging in the refundable price of $2200-$3200, which I refused to pay, despite an almost full day of arguing with Dave and Benzo Logistics. I then told Dave to collect the puppies and the money paid for shipping, which was to be returned to me, and I would arrange transportation for the puppies. He agreed, and I arranged transportation for Sunday morning, where he was to meet the transporter at the airport with the puppies, but never showed, nir did he respond to any communications from the transporter or me.


  • Name: Out Standing Cavapoo
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: El Paso
  • Address: 21284 Rancho Trail Dr
  • Phone: (210) 904-8963
  • Website: www.outstandingcavapoo.com

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