Orthodox Auto Company Review


Horrible people. Changed their names to Italian first names with the last name Evangelist to hide the fact that they’re Jewish. These guys are bad news. I sold them several tons of scrap and they kept it all and never paid me. The son goes by “Angelo”. He offered me a rock solid number for my scrap so I sold it to him and he disappeared. When I tried to call the office, the girl that answered kept giving me the run around. I decided to call from another number and he got on the phone and threatened me, telling me he owns the city and the police force in it and said if I called again he would come find me and run me out of Philadelphia. I’m a small scrap buyer and I do it to make money on the side to support my mother who has cancer. These people should be stopped.


  • Name: Orthodox Auto Company
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Philadelphia
  • Address: 2912, 5247 Unruh Ave
  • Phone: 215-332-3500
  • Website: www.orthodoxautoco.com/

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By Ronald

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