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Orphek LED Lighting is now a complete ripoff. I am a local fish store owner (remaining anonymous to protect my business) that, after weeks of research and communication with Orphek’s US rep decided to stock Orphek PR-156 and Orphek PR-25 LED lights in my store. Orphek required an order of 2 PR-156 lights (My cost was $600 each, MSRP was $849) and 6x PR-25 (My cost was $79 each, MSRP was $129) making the total order nearly $2000 which is, needless to stay, a steep price for a new company/product. However, I was interested in the technology, and took the plunge. nWell, where to being? Orphek took nearly 5 weeks to fill the order (that I was required to pay for in advance). Apparently the owner is so sure of his products that he keeps a large stock…not. Even the owner (ofir, as I found out) apparently doesn’t have enough faith in his own products/company to have a ready-to-ship supply of LED lights. Hmm…. nFinally, after over a month of waiting, the order comes in, only to have Orphek basically fall to shambles around me: internet drama, accusations of lying and poor/unethical business practices, and more began to plague the company’s reputation online. nNormally I don’t give a dang about drama, as we all know (or at least those of us on the professional end) that aquarists generally behave like 2 year olds. However, unfortunately a lot of this seems to be true, and Orphek LED Lighting appears to be on it’s last leg: there is no longer a phone number for the company, all my emails are answered only by Ofir (the owner) in what he probably considers english but looks like a chinese product manual (aka unreadable). nNow I’m left with nearly $2000 worth of product that won’t sell from a company that’s probably going to be out of business in the next few months, leaving me with no one to honor the warranty. In fact, I can’t even sell this to my customers at full price without feeling like a scammer, so I’m having to let it go at cost, as-is! I will no longer supply/support Orphek lighting or their LED products.

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