Orlando Car Depot Review


BEWARE ! Came into this car lot telling salesmen I needed a good reliable car for me & my daughter & ended up purchasing a 2002 Isuzu trooper. The minute I drove off the lot & got to a gas station to fill up, the check engine light came on. I immediately called moe, the owner & he said he would run the code the next day. I then got on I-4 to get home & noticed a loud roaring & vibration. I mentioned to moe as well, & later came in & had his mechanic max look at it. Max said it was the barrings & they would replace & that the check engine light was for an 02 sensor. A week later the ac went out. Then another week later, I was curious & went to auto zone to get another reading of the light, & come to find out the exaughst is clogged. Another week later, the battery dies. & then, I’m hit with a check transmission light !! After having 2 separate mechanics look at the car, both confirmed the trans is bad & has been bad for a while. When I told moe, he just laughed & said he only trusts what his mechanic has to say. & that what the other mechanics had to say was stupid.. I begged for money back, I’m a young mom to a 6 month old baby, I didn’t need to lose 2 grand.. & I was denied. Moe said what he can do for me is for me to give back the car & have no debt since it’s not completely paid off. I had this car for a month & all these problems occurred !! Before I drove to their lot I asked specifically, “are there any mechanical issues with the car.?” I was told no ! Moes reply to that was “it’s still running despite the problems, you can still start & drive it.” Very disrespectful ! All of these issues didn’t occur over night. These people are lying thieves. & on top of it all, they screwed up my tags !!! I had a tag to transfer over, they were told twice, moe even called & asked if I had a tag to transfer.. & they issued me a NEW tag that I never even got ! very unprofessional buisness. Perfect place if you want to get conned.


  • Name: Orlando Car Depot
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Orlando
  • Address: 5575 S Orange Blossom Trail
  • Phone: 407-429-0803
  • Website: orlandocardepot.com/

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