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Complaint: Went to her for help with spellcasting and readings. Paid for 15 weeks of service. After the first reading, never heard from her again. She updates her blogs constantly but wont return emails. Before i was a customer she replied me within an hour or two of all emails sent. Felt like she was attached to her computer. After paying and not getting a response for 3 weeks, filed a claim with paypal for my money back. Literally 2 hours after filing the claim, Cat emails me cursing me out and insulting me and demanding I drop my claim.. I refused but they sided with her because she sent them proof that she emailed me my product??? Made no sense. I let myself fall prey so you don’t have to. Never use your debit card or paypal because once you realize you were scammed then you have no recourse. Always use your credit card or better yet don’t be stupid enough to believe someone on the internet. This is their job and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. Moral of story: if you fall for this s**t after reading all the stories of what happens to people that pay online spellcasters, then you deserve to be scammed. Only ever paid this one, but I found her to be rude and condescending. If she is childish enough to respond to this, I wouldn’t put it past her to ultimately show her a*s in these comments. Long story short: i was duped. Dont be the next person. She has a laundry list of rules. I believe that people don’t file reports against her because she filled her site with legal jargon that you agree to when you’re desperate before you realize how dumb you’re being. If i can attach my email from paypal, i will.

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