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I ordered a DVD boxset from Orderbox via Amazon.com and therefore assumed they were legit. I assumed that as I lived in Australia the shipping would take longer, and as such I waited. However it’s 2 months later and I still haven’t got what I ordered! I have now complained to Amazon, who advise that their ‘guarantee period’ expires after 60 days and thus they cannot help me! nI made the mistake of basing my trust on the rating provided by Amazon, and blame them for continuing to host this phoney on their website. This has seriously affected my trust in internet purchasing, even though I’ve had no trouble whatsoever in the past. It is a case of one scam company ruining it for all the honest others. nI have attempted to e-mail them several times at the address provided in Amazon with no response. I do not want to make an international phone call, in the slim hope that I will be able to contact them and obtian some satisfaction in this matter. nI am now in the process of formally disputing this with my bank. nAmandanGold CoastAustralia

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