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We purchased flight tickets through Orbitz for our Christmas family visits three months ahead of time. Shortly after the reservation was made, the airlines changed the flight schedule to a day prior to our original flight schedule. Orbitz did not notify us of the change and we missed our flights. Orbitz refused to replace our tickets to send us with another flights on the day of our scheduled flight. As much as we brought evidence that we did not receive notification, the customer service refused to believe us. We purchased four additional flight tickets with high price on the short notice to go on our trip, our young children were able to get together with their grand parents. We did go through a lot of trouble to make this trip happen. Since then our numerous calls to Orbitz was answered with lies that someone from legal department will be in touch with us shortly. No one from Orbitz has contacted thus far. I sued Orbitz in a small claims court. Orbitz shamelessly ignored the court; even more four months after the court ruling and the judgments against Orbitz, the judgement hasn’t been paid. It is quite frustrating to see how customer service at Orbitz having the training to lie to the customers with polite, calm voices, who are from somewhere outside the united States. It is also sad that the laws do not go far enough to help average citizens like me to help to collect the damage from large corporate.

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