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Fastcash had a presentation for a software to use for binary trading, it required signup with OptionKing, I signed up for both and deposited $200 to open the account, I was supposed to receive a $200 bonus and did not get it, I made a couple small trades to try it out, logins worked for both.I got a call from one of the brokers at Optionking who trashed the Fastcash software and pressured me into depositing more at Optionking, I told him until I saw if it worked i wasn’t making any more deposits, The next day i was no longer able to log into the accounts, either one of them, after three months of writing and calling I still cannot log in to either account. I called and held on over thirty minutes each time at Optionking for a password reset the one on their page does not generate a email for one. Each time I was told it would go right out, 7 times, nothing came. I called to close the account, when the obnoiously rude girl finally answered after a wait time of 45 minutes as soon as i said I wanted to close the account she instructed me to login and close it, AHHHHHH if I could login I would have, i tried to explain to her for 75 days I have been trying to be able to login, she said if you want to close it log in and do it, I can’t help you and hung up, ONE BIG RIPOFF | if you can’t login you can’t trade, once they determeine you aren’t stupid enough to give them more money then they lock you out which prevents you from closing the account.


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By Ronald

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