Option Mint – Option Mint A Scam

Binary options trading is becoming very popular among investors who like to trade. I am an avid investor and I became very interested myself.I did my research and discovered Option Mint. They advertise that their withdrawal options are continent. Their terms were pretty clear online.I created an account online and shortly after I got a call back from Charles. He introduced himself as the Senior Broker at Option Mint. He lured me in with the option to invest high with a promise of an even bigger return. To start I invested $5,000.He called me again notifying me of a better investment option that I was going to miss out on if I did not put more money in.He claimed to be experienced and knowledgeable in which trade was most beneficial. I invested another $5000 Based on his shared information about the return. Eventually, I asked him about the withdrawal option. He only continued to offer more stock options.He convinced me that now was not the time to take out and I invested another $5000. I realized my accounts were stretched. I wanted to withdrawal immediately with the returns.He asked that I trade instead. I refused to take anymore of a risk.I refused to pay out anymore and I demanded the entire amount I had invested.He refused, hung up on me, and I never heard from him again. He would not answer any of my phone calls.I Inquired Option Mint about Charles. To reach him. They said that he had left the firm. They did not have any record of my investments either.I tried their helpline number 800-528-3559, but my account was still untraceable. I know I had an active account 5 days after Charles left Option Mint.I used their email address that was provided on the website ([email protected]). But same response or no response.The man got away with my money far too easily. I am so angry.

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