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We also purchased a timeshare from Miramar in Costa Rica in October, 2011. As part of the sale they had a guaranteed written contract through Optimus Inventory Distribution (rep was Nat Young) to sell our existing timeshare within 300 days of contract signature. Also, they would rent out our unused weeks from $2500/wk for up to 10yrs as part of the contract. We bought the 2BR fractional ownership for $28,000 plus $1149 for an “event planner fee”” to Optimus. nIt all looked very official but 300 day mark passed in August. We have tried several times to make contact


they no longer have their web site and they won’t return calls. nT”

1700 7th Ave. Suite 3200 Seattle, WA 98101 Seattle, Washington United States of America

877 334 4956

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