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After many phone calls and review of technical details, we entered into an agreement with this company in early 2017 for website design and web-functionality enhancement including communication between the website and our server with ETA for work completion of 45-60 days. Arthur, the company’s president reassured us that all technical details would be handled by their outstanding software engineers and that we did not worry about the “how” the technical requirements be accomplished, just what needed to be done. Optimum7 required pre-payment for services before they would begin work on contract, which we obliged. | Design took nearly 9 months to accomplish and required lots of revisions and instruction just for them to be able to replicate the functionality on our earlier website. Adding web functionality, which was the larger portion of the contract, was not completed at all after 20 months into the contract. | Even though Arthur’s word that they would take care of technical aspects, we had to generate a work-flow 17 months after the start of the project explaining the scope in a diagram form – which after reviewing, the COO of the company, Duran, demanded additional payment ($20,000) to complete the work. We concluded that we were baited by an initially low quote and trapped under pressure to agree to additional fees. We kept to the scope of work that the agreement was based on, but they said we changed it without being able to clearly back-up that claim. | Rather than throw good money after bad we asked for a refund on our deposit since they did not complete the agreed-upon work, and they refused. Now we feel we have been defrauded of our deposit (nearly 10K) because this company could not execute the work we all agreed upon. | We strongly advise any company against working with this horrible company and heed our lesson about never making up-front payments to them or any other company.


  • Name: Optimum7
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Miami
  • Address: 141 Grand Ave
  • Phone: 305-477-8960
  • Website: www.optimum7.com/

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