OPES Financial Solutions or OPES Financial Solutions – LLC – FRAUD ALERT!!! OPES Financial Solutions & Rake Murray – OPES CEO are SCAMMERS!

I was once a contractor for OPES Financial Solutions, along with a close friend who has been scammed, tricked, cheated, lied to by this company and Rake Murray the CEO of this b.s. company. | First of all, they preach and say they have this unique business strategy that really is a run-around for new signups. It’s a web of nonsense, lies, and faulty strategies to confuse clients and future customers. They are basically a financial pyramid scheme. | Secondly, Rake Murray SWORE THAT if I put $250 into a project that I was skeptical of to prove that his business plan works after I confronted him. I WAS SO DUMB to do this. He is a charming tactical business scammer who said that now that I put this money in that I needed to put more in due to a company policy once joining and investing that money… so I believed him. One I called him out on this b.s. he told me I will never become a financial business professional and that is when I had enough. I asked for my money back… that never happened. | STAY AWAY.

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