Operation Payback anonymous Apex North Carolina


Complaint: This person’s name is on the internet is Acutus Ptolemy and you need to definitely search that name on this site to read more about him. He has has been harrassing me in conjunction withaconvicted felon he teamed up with since 2008. His real name is Alexander Christopher Grant age 49 of Minneapolis Minnesota. D.O.B. 12-30-1962. His facebook is Acutus Ptolemy and so is his myspace the same name. I made a series of bizarre yet whacky videos in 2007 and 2008 on youtube and took them down because even I knew I was off my meds at that time and they were a bit TOO bizarre and whackyhe stole all those videos. I had the sense to take them down and I realized that I should do that and I did remove them in 2008. Alex Grant aka Acutus Ptolemy has been re-uploading my videos in a series he has made to incite hate and incite hatred toward me because I told others what he was doing and how he was harrassing me constantly and he had teamed up with a convicted felon that sent deaths and he himself sent threats to me because I have had to dmca my videos over 200 times literally.He has been suspended from youtubemany times and simply gets a newyoutube name and re-uploads them.He is just inciting hate against me and using the group Anonymous now to do it. He is a member of the group anonymous and he sent me a video about them. He is a pathological liar about me and this has been documented too. He has been harrassing me since 2008 and law enforcement has not done anything about it althought the FBI Minnesota , FBI Minneapolis are aware of it. He claims to be part of the group Anonymous and his threats are varied but one of his threats to me is , We never forget and We never forgive.He has constantly commented me that and sent that to me. He has been sent Ceaseanddesist contact letters concerning me and he scoff’s at them and continues to contact and harrass.He knows full well I suffer from mental issues at times and take meds for it. He knew full well when I made my crazy silly goofy sometimes outrageous, provocative videos in 2008 I was off my meds at times before I resumed them. I did as I say have the sense to take down my videosI made in 2008, which he has stolen by downloading them , now to harrass and intimidate and incite hatred against me. He lied and said I am a part of the Sciencetology organization and I am not, I am Christian. I am not a Sciencetology member. I do not even know much about the Sciencetology. His campaign of hate and harrassment has been going on now for 4 years. Where is the FBI why want they stop this. His incitement of hate crimes against me is well documented. Him asking others to act on his behalf has been documented in video form and in comments. His letters to me are documented and his comments in the hands of the FBI in Minneapolis. This 49 year old man used google earth to find my home and posted my address, and this is reckless endangerment because he is constantly lying aboutme. In order to incite hate crimes against me. Felony harrassment. This 49 year old man representing himself as a member of the group of anonymous is constantly threatening me and harrassing me. He even went so far as to contact the FBI in Texas City, Texas and send them some edited , butchered videos of me to try to turn this around and later wrote me and said because I am transgender, he said: ” they know who you are and what you are.”” As if to indicate that because of my gender expression the he was above the law and could threaten and cyberstalk and cyber harrass all he wants too. As of today’s date even thoe the FBI in Minneapolis is aware of him they have done nothing

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: today is 1-31-11. I have been harrassed and threatened now for 4 years by him. If you want to see what he is like look at his videos

Website: Minneapolis, Minnesota United States of America

Phone: google Acutus Ptolemy videos search that. Be sure to read the other reports on this site about him

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By Ronald

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