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Complaint: Feeding expired food to animals is a major cause of digestion and disease problems. It isn’t any different than a person eating expired food. It becomes more problem the longer the food is expired. And, to the nay sayers out there about fake reviewers, if you don’t have proof of what you say you need to keep your opinions to yourself. This is not fake. This is a rare occasion that I would take the time to report a personal experience. However, since the experience was unconsiocuable, morally and potentially legally problematic, and one that potentially could harm aniimals, I posted. I purchased a 4lb bag of high quality Petcurian dry food for my cat. It was shipped with an expired date of many months. I called and talked with “BETH””

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Address: she said the package wasn’t expired by the encoded numbers and thought I didn’t know the difference. However

Website: it likewise was expired witht he exact same code as the first bag. I sent emails and voice mail to Mike Miller

Phone: I had already called Petcurean directy and they assured me the food was expired by several months and that they would contact the store and ask them to check their inventory and their distribution of expired food as new. Technically

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