One Source Auto Review


We purchased a used car from One Source Auto about three weeks ago and everything seemed all right initially. But then the check engine lights started coming on and the steering wheel would shudder on the highway. | We went in to get the car checked up and they charged us $100 to perform diagnostic tests on it. After a couple days, we recieved a call back from the mechanics stating that it would cost at least $3,000 to fix up the car, citing numerous issues that the car had (brakes and gasket heads being among them.) | We picked up the car and are taking it to a trusted mechanic in our town and hoping for a better quote/diagnostic results. I don’t want to give One Source Auto another red cent and am pretty disgusted that we bought a car that apparently needs $3,000 in repairs, that has so many hidden issues for a car just bought off the lot. | Their cars might look shiny, it doesn’t mean they run well or that they take care to make any repairs to the cars they sell. Best to go to someone else. Your wallet will thank you.


  • Name: One Source Auto
  • Country: United States
  • State: Colorado
  • City: Colorado Springs
  • Address: 1323 Motor City Dr
  • Phone: 719-424-7974
  • Website:

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