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I Started out with Omni 7 months ago. Left my current job for a company that claimed they were a OTR company. That was a false acusation. in the 7 months i primary deliviery routes where only illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Only 1 load to flordia and nothing but short hops. Failed to get me me home with a one month notice. instead sent me to baltimore on my requsted time of to run local. (not why i signed on) While in baltimore my truck got a air leak and a busted head gasket. they would not fix either. Anyways i had to get a trailer tire fixed and my door the same day decided it didnt want to close. My load cancelled and my stress level was through the rough. So i got back to yard and loaded up my truck and quit. had at least an 800 dollar paycheck on my way i never seen. Because they are illgealy not paying me for damages to a company truck. the door was fixed before i ever returned to the yard. So never work for them again.


  • Name: Omni Specialized, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Illinois
  • City: Colona
  • Address: 20812 E 550th St
  • Phone: 309-946-3200
  • Website:

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