Omega Auto Protection – Auto Extended Warranty Scam

Sure they offer protection. I have it, but they have been hassling me to sign up for their extended warranty. I have only had Omega Auto Protection for a month, maybe. I was ify about it in the first place, but I needed insurance.A gentleman called me saying he was associated with Omega and wanted to offer extended protection before it expired. I asked what it had to offer compared to the plan I already have. The sales guy asked me a million questions about the safety of my car and if I thought that it would need work anytime soon. I had just bought the car so I did not think so.The sales guy transferred me to an insurance specialist. The guy told me everything that the warranty would include for 5 years and all I had to do was pay $500 a year. He broke it down for me and said that I could break it down in payments. I was not real clear on the cost. I thought that my current plan already covered that. They guy said that I could just have it added to my current policy after I paid.He kept pressuring me to put a payment down. I did not have the money, and I wasn’t really interested. He became really rude with me. And I just hung up on him because he would not prove what he had to offer either. Complete scam.

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