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The saga with Olson Landscaping and Design and son’s company, Olson Lawn Care continue. Rather than address issues with their service and non performance of the contract, warranty and agreements, try to resolve fairly, they hired an attorney; tells you their mindset. While they claim they bent over backwards, I am the one that was bent over. All I ever asked, finish what was contracted. Once paid, good bye! My attorney gave me some sage advice, just make sure whatever I post is truthful, which is the case since day one. If anyone wants to dispute my claims all they have to do is see the agreements and compare to the landscaping services performed. Just so you are aware of some additional FACTS, there are two more Yelp reviews, which for some reason Yelp did not make readily visible or factor into their “star”” rating. That is a good thing; one of the reviews is one star and the other just 2

very low scores. One of the reviews states they would not return to correct a workmanship issue with a pond that leaks. List of issues: -Will not honor warranty agreement – 1 year from time of completion on materials

plants and workmanship – Olson provided a document committing to repair items on punch list which was not completed per the document and warranty. They claim they don’t have to honor the warranty since I would not sign off on completion of the work and satisfaction.If I did sign off as sarisfied they would have not honored it and blamed me. -7 dead trees

have to be removed and replaced. Charged $1380 to install one tree

did not include removing an existing tree. This should be covered by the written warranty for materials and workmanship. -14-16 dead bushes

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By Ronald

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