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I was dating the love of my life. The first time I had ever been in love ( in my thirties) to who I thought was my soulmate. We could talk for hours, never fought, weren’t jealous. It was really the best I had ever felt about myself giving 100% in a relationship. || Then came March 2013. While laying in bed sleeping one night I woke up and my bf was talking on the phone to one of his guy friends. I couldn’t hear much but what I did hear was some chick’s husband was trying to call my boyfriend. Set me on high alert but really didn’t want to say anything. He came to bed a short while later and asked why my heart was racing when he put his arm around me. || Two weeks later he was going to watch his niece play basketball and I was visiting my gram. I text him a couple times to see how the game was and didn’t get an answer. I assumed he had fallen asleep as he did that often. I drove to his house with movies and dinner to spend the Friday evening together and he was home with a chick from work (I knew her car from picking him up at work a couple of times.) || I sat in my car and texted him a couple times to see how things were going at the game. He answered back that he decided not to go and went to his sisters house. All while I am sitting there knowing he’s home with this thing. || So I go up and knock on the door, no answer. Then I hear her moaning from the bedroom window next to the porch. I smacked the window and walked back to my car. || He came flying out the door totally shocked that I had found out. I left and he must have kicked her out because he followed me. Begged me to come back to talk. So we talked, it was a mistake blah blah blah. Whatever. Me being stupid and not wanting to lose what I thought was my life love fell for everything. || Fast forward a couple months and I have this chick’s husband calling my phone crying wanting to know what his wife is doing. Says he found out, their kids found out and were staying up to make sure she didn’t leave the house and wanting to know why she’s coming home at five in the morning. || My boyfriend had locks on his phone, kept telling me I’m the stalker and insecure. Lied about almost everything every single day. || His family even wanted me to forgive him. Invited me to every family event and outing possible. They hated this woman who would treat her husband and kids in such a manner. || They never stopped seeing each other. He filed for divorce and my ex piece of shit was still showing up at my house, calling, texting, everything. || Fast forward to now. She moved back in with her husband but is still out with my ex at seedy local motels lol. || I can’t believe a mother would do that to her children. And from what her husband told me, he isn’t the first one she did it to. Had an older son with first husband and cheated on him and he left her and took the kid. Pathetic. || Ms. Castro/Torres doesn’t even speak english! They met at work where 80% of the employees are foreigners. That must make for some quality conversations. Good luck to him bringing this whore home for Thanksgiving. || I had this woman and her husband and my ex stalking my house, stalking my facebook, calling and texting me. ME.being the ONLY person through this whole thing that never did anything. Well now I’m doing everything. The world needs to know about this woman and her whorish ways and terrible parenting. Her kids will be screwed up for life now. And my ex always just said” well she’s the one who’s married, not my problem” || After all of this happened I began having panic attacks, nightmares, cold sweats. I had to start therapy because over 18 months later I couldn’t control these things. This is the first time in my life I had 100% trusted anyone and it sent me into a downward spiral. || I will always trust my gut from now on about every little thing. Still working on being able to have a relationship with someone without ruining it from the start with my own trust issues.

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