Old World Hardwood Floors Review


On 4/15/15, my husband and I had hardwood floors installed by Old World Hardwood Floors, owner Randy Waters. We didn’t have hardwood installed in the bedrooms. To install the wood in the hallway, the carpet and pad had to be pulled back to install the wood at the threshold. Once the wood was installed, the installer placed the carpet without the pad underneath it. My husband called Randy Waters, and told him about this issue. Mr. Waters said that he would call us back. We waited and waited. We would call Mr. Waters back, and he had excuse after excuse. Sometimes he would tell us to call him back in two weeks. Today, my husband called Mr. Waters, and left a voice mail. Mr. Waters called back and told my husband that this issue is a little deal, and then told my husband that he (my husband) is a pain in his a**! | Now if this is a little deal, then why has it been over a year to get Mr. Waters to take care of this issue? Telling a customer that he is a pain in the a**, is not professional. I would not recommend this company or Mr. Waters to anyone. If Mr. Waters isn’t going to take care of this small issue, I would not expect him to take care of a large issue. All he wants is your business and money. When there is an issue, you can forget him to take care of the problem.


  • Name: Old World Hardwood Floors
  • Country: United States
  • State: Oklahoma
  • City: Oklahoma
  • Address: 10443 N. May Ave, Suite 619
  • Phone: 1 405-308-4865
  • Website: www.oldworldhardwoodfloors.net/

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