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This is the next part of my previous complaint about my cooktop and oven. I have an inwall double electric oven which didn’t turn on. The initial appliance service person from Trueway Appliance (a contractor of Old Republic I had to see first) came out to inspect this problem. I had to pay a trade call fee of $55. He determined an electrician needed to look at this at no additional charge. They were going to have the electrician call me. Well this went for a week without hearing from them. I had to call. For some reason, the service request didn’t go through (no surprise- this seems to happen a lot when there’s no payment due). The electrician then came out. Was there for 5 minutes, determined he needed an applicance person to come out and take the oven out of the wall so he could inspect the electrical part. He was going to have them call me back as well. Again another week went by, no call. I then called Old Republic and spoke to someone name Tomas. This person then told me, I would have to hire an appliance person to remove the oven from the wall since their policy exclude appliance removal. First off, regardless of the policy, this is an absurb condition. I told “Tomas”” this. This in an inwall oven. Part of the installation of the inwall oven is it is hardwired and installed in the wall – or more correctly within a cabinet. It would seem to me that this is all part of the installation and repair of such an oven. For them to have this exclusion as an excuse not to service my appliance is absurb. Besides

even if I hired someone to remove the oven. I could see them using this as a potential excuse to invalidate my claim all together. They would probably come up with the excuse the removal of the appliance caused the damage. I just realize now this whole company is a scam. They have my money. what can I do now except take them to small claims. I’m busy professional so they count on that to pocket the money. I will surely bring this up to their president as well and file with better business bureau.”

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