Old Country BBQ Pits Review


Back in June 2017, we were recommended to utilize a broker named DLP Forwarding by Estes Express. The gentleman’s name whom recommended for our company to utilize them was Jesus Rabago. After working with this company into 2019, we realized that the company was not ethical as they wanted for us to send “border taxes” to cross material into Mexico directly to a Debit Card. | We notified them first, that their classification was incorrect & if these were taxes that were owed, then why would we send the money to a personal debit card. After noticing this, we realized that they have been over charging our company by a lot of money versus the other brokers. We quickly searched and realized that this company did not exist. Alejandro Santos of DLP Forwarding, then admitted that we were their only customer. | At this time, we owed DLP Forwarding a total of $1,185 USD that were still within terms (we had NET 30 terms), the oldest invoice was 28 days old and we paid them weekly. However, they tacked on another $2,000 USD immediately & demanded we pay in order to release our property. After that, we had paid them & then they wanted another $1,000 USD. Therefore, we had pulled the payments back as the number kept increasing. | Today, they are now requesting a total of $5,500 USD in cash in order to release the product. Alejandro Santos, the Owner of this DBA Company, is also now threatening to sell our product for pennies on the dollar if he doesn’t get this money. The total value of the material is $9,000 USD & unfortunately, we can not afford to continue to be charged and have no gaurantee the product will even be released (as he wants more money) always. | Our next step was to report this to the Laredo Police deperatment, which led us nowhere as they won’t get involved. Therefore, we turned around to Estes Express, as we want to ensure this does not happen to another small company. The individual’s name was Wayne Young & basically they refuted our claim & we are now worried that Jesus Rabago will continue to offer DLP Forwarding to customers of Estes, and potentially lead other small business down this path. | The whole situation is weird as the address 6700 Santa Maria, where Alejandro runs these businesses is owned by the City of Laredo. So, it looks as if though – there is some connection with Alejandro, and he seems to be protected. We tried to take to an attorney, however – the costs are too high for principal purpose & the value of the product is not enough.


  • Name: Old Country BBQ Pits
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Laredo
  • Address: 6700 Santa Maria Ave
  • Phone: 1 210-875-1808
  • Website: www.bbquepits.com

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