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I was told for $1945.00 i would receive a compleat low miles engine. 4.7 ohc v8 to fit a 2002 dodge ram 1500, in 7-10 days. on invoice states 73k miles I payed by credit card 12-12-17 received engine on 01-05-18, customer unhappy loss of income due to business truck down time.I received an incomplete wore out oil leaking noisy smoking out tailpipe engine.They actually took the cam cover gaskets off and put the covers back on bolts tight. Tore the oil pan gasket, only four bolts installed .no exhaust manifolds broken harmonic balancer barely steam cleaned if at all.Needless to say customer very unhappy and im having to eat it. I have been in the business for forty years now, I know this engine has more miles than advertised. the engine has been installed. very doubtful it will make the warranty period( 5 year 50,000 miles ) Due to unexpected repairs, cost to to this engine went over budget $637.79.very unhappy customer. Thay still wont answer my calls ?


  • Name: Old Corral Garage
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Oakhurst
  • Address: 41870 Rd 222
  • Phone: 559-683-7730
  • Website:

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