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A complete scam! Only spend a couple of quid, but I still fell obliged to complain. I first gave them my phone number and other details. Then I received an e-mail that confirmed my purchase… I haven’t received any other word from them since. I’m totally surprised that Paypal lets this website continue to scam people. Luckily I only lost a few pounds, but people could lose hundreds… AVOID!

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  • Again, They do not live in Oldham County. They live in mountains. ***** ***** is a place in South Dakota, United States.
    Your picture on the fake Terry Fowler Carpenter on fb makes you look childish. Most older women like yourself ( getting close to 70 ) dont act like a child. Grow up. Do Not Accept Fake Terry Fowler Carpenter, www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100026927992178 THIS BELONGS TO STALKER DORIS CAMPAGNA
    Liar, Doris! You dont know what the peephole is. Only Landlord Glenn Smith, Richard, Kristie and Terry know about the peephole! If Richard told you, you would not repeat it again. Seems the peephole is driving you crazy.
    Joan thinks that everyone who requests her on FB is Theresa. Theresa has her own FB and has blocked both Joan and Doris. She also has over 400 friends and family on it. That is why Doris is pissed off because she can not suspend Theresas account. Doris impersonates people and fools her people.
    Doris is disturbing enough mentally to everyone. Doris is a sick fu*king person. Doris has a lot of problems starting with her mental state. Its really screwed up big time. No Kizz Kizz, your filthy mouth ew

    • Doris, I am sorry I lie about you. I am sorry about all the lies I told. We do not live in South Dakota. We still live in little house in Lagrange.
      I wish you will give me a chance to prove you that I can be you good freind. You know I love you. Only I say the mean things because I am so jealous of you and Richard. I have no freinds. I only have the one FB.

  • Theresa Lynn Fowler-Carpenter, how does it feel to have a taste of your own medicine?
    Do you like it, puta fea?
    I have everything you want, but cant have:
    A big, beautiful, PAID-FOR house, surrounded by acres of private, beautiful woods, in THE safest community in the ENTIRE NATION, according to FBI crime statistics.
    A brand-new, PAID-FOR car.
    An almost-new, PAID-FOR car.
    A handsome, healthy man that you have been chasing for thirty-one years.
    I am everything you want to be, but cant be:
    I know it kills you that you can’t BE me.
    It kills you that you can’t have all that I have.
    The Covid is going to get you, Theresa Carpenter. Then we will celebrate and celebrate and celebrate because YOU WILL BE GONE!

  • Good that Dori posted it.
    She is right again.
    Doris don’t need to dig more about my 5 men.
    I married 3 times, Cecil, Lantz, and Carpenter, but they were not my husbands when they died. They had all dumped me and moved on long time before they died. Rogalinski (not married), Clark (not married), and Cecil, all dead. GOOD! I let Rogalinski beat my children. I did not protect them.
    Lantz and wife-beater Bill Carpenter still alive.
    I was never widow like Dori. Dori had 2 dead husbands.
    NOPE, NO college because I was too stupid to pass GED.
    IF i have word processing, or data entry, I would NOT worked a shit job shredding documents at bank. I would NOT worked a shit job at at Post Office.
    NO gymnastic, ROFLMAO.
    I lived short time in Germany and Japan when I was baby. I do not remember.
    I lived in Elgin Texas, Sayre, Pennsylvania, Maine, and Kentucky.
    Dori knows everything.
    Her old classmates nicknamed her gangster. No wonder because she loved to fight and even carried a .22 S&W in high school. Dori was never bullied.
    “There is no fate but the fate we make.”

    • La puta drinks and does Oxy. La puta received NO money. Cherry told us you lied.
      9-29-2016 you fucked up when you mailed letters to her neighbors. She did not press charges against la puta. The POLICE pressed charges. Theresas stupid f*ck-up cost her $6000 for her criminal attorney.
      Theresa thinks Bella wants revenge? La puta is finally right.
      This time, la puta f*cked with the wrong b*tch.
      La puta needs to pray that the Covid-19 or Karma gets her FIRST.

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